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04:20 Ticket #2 (Manpage should mention project homepage) closed by jtv
03:58 Changeset [130] by jtv
Updated URL (now has "/development/" in path)
03:42 Changeset [129] by jtv
Removed TODO file


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11:45 Changeset [128] by jtv
It's okay to capitalize the name Swapspace.
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Moved TODO comment to Trac tickets database
11:27 Changeset [126] by jtv
It's okay to capitalize the name Swapspace
11:24 Changeset [125] by jtv
Updated release date
11:22 Changeset [124] by jtv
Added URL to project homepage
11:11 Changeset [123] by jtv
Trimmed some details; added project URL


14:50 Ticket #5 (Finite state machine graph) closed by jtv
14:49 Ticket #1 (Redo manpage) closed by jtv
14:48 Ticket #4 (Better eviction policy) closed by jtv
14:47 Changeset [122] by jtv
Converted into Trac tickets
14:44 Ticket #14 (Adaptive cooldown times) created by jtv
Recognize pattern of consistent policy reversals too close to timeout—or …
14:41 Ticket #13 (Document finite-state machine) created by jtv
Describe the algorithm's finite state machine in Dot format, convert to …
14:40 Ticket #12 (Check behaviour when system calls interrupted) created by jtv
Custom signals can interrupt creation/decommissioning of swapfiles (you …
14:38 Ticket #11 (Improve eviction policy) created by jtv
Work on the algorithm that chooses which swapfile to deallocate first. …
14:33 Ticket #10 (Better documentation source format) created by jtv
Generate manpage (and more detailed information) from common source …
14:29 Ticket #9 (Announce Swapspace to the world) created by jtv
Submit a brief note for  Linux Journal.
14:20 Ticket #8 (Remove swap on uninstall) created by jtv
Make uninstall procedure (but not upgrade procedure) turn off all …
14:19 Ticket #7 (Resize swap files on-the-fly) created by jtv
Why can GNU/Linux resize several types of filesystem but not a swap …
14:14 Ticket #6 (autoconf) created by jtv
Automate checks for 64-bit filesystem support, availability of …
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11:50 Ticket #5 (Finite state machine graph) created by jtv
Complete description of finite state machine in Dot language; then convert …
11:49 Ticket #4 (Better eviction policy) created by jtv
Is there a better way to chose which swapfile should be decommissioned? …
11:00 Ticket #3 (Prune README) created by jtv
Some of the stuff in README, such as the technical details, really don't …
10:58 Ticket #2 (Manpage should mention project homepage) created by jtv
Include link to http://pqxx.org/development/swapspace/
10:57 Ticket #1 (Redo manpage) created by jtv
Find a better source format for the manpage so we can also generate HTML, …
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Quick and lousy logo for website


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Cleaned up logging system; reworded "meekness" as "elasticity"
07:53 Changeset [119] by jtv
Use single quotes for command line arguments; may be slightly safer


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13:28 Changeset [118] by jtv
Ignoring generated files
13:10 Changeset [117] by jtv
Ignoring generated files
13:07 Changeset [116] by jtv
Emulating .cvsignore :-(
13:07 Changeset [115] by jtv
Emulating CVS's way of ignoring generated files
13:05 Changeset [114] by jtv
Best way to ignore files in Subversion seems to be to emulate CVS's way. …
13:01 Changeset [113] by jtv
Tried ignore property again
13:00 Changeset [112] by jtv
Still trying to get "ignore" to work
12:57 Changeset [111] by jtv
Set ignore property again
12:56 Changeset [110] by jtv
Set svn:ignore on DATE and VERSION
08:19 Changeset [109] by jtv
Make likely/unlikely definitions conditional
07:35 Changeset [108] by jtv
Re-adjusted spacing of state output header line
07:27 Changeset [107] by jtv
Fixed broken --erase option
07:25 Changeset [106] by jtv
State information may not be current; also, refer to kill(1)
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