Swapspace is a one-size-fits-all approach to managing swap space on GNU/Linux systems. Looking for existing products that might do the job, we came across the well-known swapd 0.2 but it simply didn't work, even in the "improved Debian version." There is also a portable third-party rewrite (swapd 1.2) that did work, but had several shortcomings:

This eliminated swapd as an option. Another candidate was dynswapd. Written in C++, this program would not suffer from segmentation faults as allocations failed — but it still had significant drawbacks:

The choice to write our own swap manager was not taken lightly. It simply looked easier to write our own than to adapt what was already there, and facts have borne this out. Based on the same principles as swapd and dynswapd, Swapspace has some positive traits that set it apart from similar daemons: