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(edit) @45   10 years jtv Updated email addresses, URLs.
(edit) @44   11 years jtv Strip executables.
(edit) @43   11 years jtv Link in C++ runtime explicitly instead of substituting $CXX for $CC
(edit) @42   11 years jtv Replaced some C++/C99 end-of-line comments with classic C comments
(edit) @41   11 years jtv Made Doxygen run a little quieter
(edit) @40   11 years jtv More documentation
(edit) @39   11 years jtv Eliminated width difference between revealed and unrevealed squares
(edit) @38   11 years jtv Made things look a little snazzier
(edit) @37   11 years jtv Propagate C/C++ compilation flags; removed less portable gcc options
(edit) @36   11 years jtv More missing stuff checked in
(edit) @35   11 years jtv Oops, forgot to check in
(edit) @34   11 years jtv Generated documentation!
(edit) @33   11 years jtv Got build structure working (but probably needs more work)
(edit) @32   11 years jtv Belongs in clients, not src
(edit) @31   11 years jtv Structuring source tree
(edit) @30   11 years jtv New file
(edit) @29   12 years jtv Removed broken level-2 logic
(edit) @28   12 years jtv More work on intelligence level 3. DOESN'T WORK YET.
(edit) @27   12 years jtv Code cleanup (finally unified those constructors)
(edit) @26   12 years jtv Hopefully tightened the central loop a bit more
(edit) @25   12 years jtv Moved some of the URL generation out of the central loop
(edit) @24   12 years jtv Check for excessive numbers of mines
(edit) @23   12 years jtv Work on intelligence level 3... Not working yet though
(edit) @22   12 years jtv Saved-game size estimation
(edit) @21   12 years jtv New file format, stowing everything into a single data block
(edit) @20   12 years jtv Fixed "you win" logic
(edit) @19   12 years jtv Corrected "you win" logic
(edit) @18   12 years jtv Refactored patches-to-go counting
(edit) @17   12 years jtv Fixed assertion failure on m_patches_to_go >= 0 when continuing after death
(edit) @16   12 years jtv Documented randomizer situation
(edit) @15   12 years jtv Documented randomizer situation
(edit) @14   12 years jtv Seed randomizer at start of game
(edit) @13   12 years jtv More randomness in session ID
(edit) @12   12 years jtv Reveal fatal patch when player dies
(edit) @11   12 years jtv Initialize randomizer
(edit) @10   12 years jtv Forgotten include
(edit) @9   12 years jtv CGI interface--play on the web!
(edit) @8   12 years jtv TODO: Failed assertion while playing game loaded from file!
(edit) @7   12 years jtv Back to original game size
(edit) @6   12 years jtv Fixes overrun bug in save/restore code
(edit) @5   12 years jtv Implemented saving/restoring of game state
(edit) @4   12 years jtv Made intelligence level dynamic
(edit) @3   12 years jtv Added copyright license and information
(edit) @2   12 years jtv Initial checkin. Game works, but has lousy UI
(add) @1   12 years root Standard project structure
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