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The first version of libpqxx was written in 2001. The principal author and maintainer is Jeroen T. Vermeulen, but many others have contributed. Some of the most noteworthy names are:

  • Ray Dassen, who in many ways gave me the chance to work on this while at Cistron in the Netherlands, did the initial Debian packaging and GNU autoconf/automake/libtool work, and on numerous occasions helped out with advice and fixes.
  • Bart Samwel, also in the Netherlands, who found many bugs and solutions and often makes time to participate in design discussions. He has also done great work on polishing up the Windows build lately.
  • And many, many more... Hopefully I'll find time to add more of the people who deserve a mention.

Of course, people have contributed with bug reports, bug fixes, feature requests, good questions etc. are given credit by name wherever possible. Just search the ChangeLog? file for the word "thanks" (or "Thanks").