The first version of libpqxx was written in 2001, and it was adopted as the official replacement for the older libpq++ a few years later. The principal author and maintainer is Jeroen T. Vermeulen, but many others have contributed. Some of the most noteworthy names are:

  • Ray Dassen, who in many ways gave me the chance to work on this while at Cistron in the Netherlands, did the initial Debian packaging and GNU autoconf/automake/libtool work, and on numerous occasions helped out with advice and fixes. Ray, we miss you.
  • Bart Samwel found problems, solutions, and most of all: time to participate in design discussions. He has also done great work on polishing up the Windows build.
  • Roger Leigh first maintained the Debian package.
  • Kirit Sælensminde helped with so much expertise, booze, design insight, and time ever since that fateful day when he needed a PostgreSQL library and friends directed him to me. Also, he wore the libpqxx T-shirt when duty called.
  • Clinton James pioneered the Windows build.
  • Arjen Baart contributed, among other things, RPM packaging.
  • Jon Meinecke has put a lot of effort into making things run smoothly using Sun's compilers and operating systems.
  • Patrick Kimber and Sam Kapilivsky helped sort out Visual C++ problems.
  • Michael J. Pedersen has contributed fixes for MinGW builds.
  • Dennis Jenkins contributed an extensive functional example for complex event loops.
  • Contributors on Github: Joseph Durel, @tt4g, @ash-j-f, and others.
  • Devrim Gündüz for... well, it's a weird story. :-)
  • JAMES KYARI, son of late General Kubwa Kyari of the Democratic Republic of Congo, offered to chip in several million dollars in return for some assistance in funneling his father's considerable capital out of the country. Somehow we never got around to closing this deal.
  • And many, many more... I could not name all who deserve to be.

Of course, people have contributed with bug reports, bug fixes, feature requests, good questions etc. are given credit by name wherever possible. Just search the ChangeLog file for the word "thanks" (or "Thanks").

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