Using This Site

Logging In

This is an open source project. Everyone is allowed to read everything on this site. In addition, anyone is allowed to create and modify bug tickets—so you can report bugs, add your own information to bug reports, or request features.

Some operations, however, are reserved for registered developers, and they need to log in to this site to use them. This is not required for normal use of this site.

Source Code Repository

The source code for this project is kept in the Subversion revision control system. This means that you get more than just the source code: you can also see the full development history and all older versions of every single file. The Subversion repository was created by converting the old CVS repository (and complete history) from the old site.

Anonymous Access

Anyone can check out and query the source code repository. This access method does not allow checkins; it is completely read-only.

Use this URL for your subversion client: svn:// (or you may want one of the branches or releases). To get a working checkout of the main development tree from the command line, type:

svn co svn:// libpqxx

If you use bzr, get the branch from Launchpad:

bzr branch lp:libpqxx

Developer Access

Registered developers can check out, modify, and commit source code using the svn client, at the following URL: svn+ssh://


You can browse the full source code and history for this project online through the Browse Source feature of this web interface. It's also available on Launchpad.

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