Package Maintainers Page

This page is meant for those who maintain a libpqxx package for an operating system distribution, as well as authors and maintainers of software packages.

We don't currently have an online forum, apart from direct mail, and bug tickets on this site.

Known packages

Known places to find ready-made libpqxx packages for various environments are:

System Maintainer Location
Alt Linux Sergey V Turchin
Debian GNU/Linux Eugene V. Lyubimkin Any Debian repository
FreeBSD Palle Girgensohn
Gentoo GNU/Linux Aron Griffis
NetBSD is <at>
Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS / Scientific Linux Devrim Gündüz
SUSE Included in net-based install; latest updates

How to Test

The easiest way to test libpqxx is to run the "make check" command from its main source directory. It takes a bit of preparation though! The README gives more details on how to prepare your environment for the test. Read it to avoid data loss.

For more details on testing, see TestDocs.

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