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Cross-Compiling - pg_config execution

Reported by: leon-dev@… Owned by: jtv
Priority: normal Component: autotools
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I'm trying to cross-compile libpqxx for an ARMv7 system.

Everything runs smoothly when compiling for an x86, but with the host-option on configure set accordingly, it fails.

Specifically, it tries to execute pg_config to retrieve the lib-/include-dirs. Of course, it cant execute that binary, as it is compiled for ARM. When removing that pg_config and letting configure use the host pg_config, it just uses the host-paths which are not correct.

Can this be fixed somehow, by for example using another Method to retrieve the libpq-location (e.g. find) when pq_config fails?

Or is this behavior intended?

I also tried manually setting the paths in to which the running ARM's pg_config points, but the necessary libpg-files can't be found there. Could you tell me, which exact files the configure-script is looking for? I could maybe get the path that way. I have the libpg5 and libpg-dev packets for cross-compiling for that exact system, as well as postgres_9 and postgres-dev_9 installed.

Thanks in advance.

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comment:1 Changed 21 months ago by leon-dev@…

I just realized that I sometimes swapped pg with pq and vice versa. That is not the reason why it doesn't work, but just me click on "Submit" too fast. :)

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